Thursday, 15 January 2015

PT Events: Volunteer's Orientation 2015

Words & Photographs by Sheril A. Bustaman

On Tuesday (13th of January 2015) at 7pm, volunteers gathered at the PT Foundation Headquarters in Jalan Ipoh Kecil for the very first volunteers’ orientation of the year. The aim of the briefing was to introduce volunteers to the many sectors of work that PT Foundation does, and to inspire them with ideas of ways to contribute to the organization. 

  The orientation kicked off with a brief introduction by the volunteers, and continued with Marketing & Communications Director Raymond Tai walking the volunteers through the history of PT Foundation. Raymond described the milestones that PT Foundation has had, the different programs under PT Foundation (MSM Outreach, Community Healthcare Center, MSM Poz, ISEAN-HIVOS) and then went through the different components of the programmes. 

Raymond explaining the different components of the programmes
After the extensive dissemination of information, the volunteers were then given the opportunity to express which areas they would like to contribute in and ask questions during the Q&A session. Many expressed interest in the field of research and also face to face counselling. Manis, one of PT Foundation’s HR executives also contributed to the discussion, suggesting sharing sessions to create awareness and acceptance towards marginalized communities. 

Manis explaining the importance of creating awareness for marginalized communities.

  The session continued with Zaini’s presentation on the Berjaya “Back to School” program that takes place every Sunday and provides tutoring for children who are living with HIV/AIDs. Zaini explained the aims of the program and the many ways volunteers can contribute to it. He also explained the expected outcomes of the program, amongst them being that 80% of the children would pass the English subject in schools with a minimum C grade. 

Zaini presenting on the Berjaya “Back to School” program

  The orientation then concluded after several other enquiries from the volunteers. The volunteers’ enthusiasm, fuelled by inspiration from the orientation gives great hope that many contributions will be made through different channels to PT Foundation this year. 


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