Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Note of Appreciation for CHCC

We received an appreciation note from one of our clients who came to the Community Health Care Center at PT Foundation for testing last semester. Thank you for your kind words, which I am posting part of it here:

The Community Health Care Center of PT Foundation.

I met with the most caring and sensitive personnel who promptly saw me and performed the tests in a very safe and private environment. I was very moved by the very reassuring and caring counsellor who took time to speak to me and explained in great detail about my condition and what options there were for me. A letter of reference was issued unconditionally for me to receive treatment at the SBH. I am very grateful to XXX who offered to drive me there for my first consultation and stayed with me right through. I felt understood, cared for and loved regardless of my condition. I have been on medication for three months now and I am now mentally stronger and I am focused on getting even better by living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you PTF!

From LifeLover KL,
4 Feb 2015

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