Wednesday, 4 February 2015

So Long But Not Goodbye

Words & Photographs by Sivalila Balakrishnan

On the 30th of January 2015, PT Foundation bid so long (but not goodbye) to one of the members of the PT family, Sivalila, affectionately known as Leela. This is a short perspective on her time here at PT Foundation. 

Sivalila Balakrishnan

I joined PT Foundation in January 2012. It was my luck that I was chosen and was appointed to work at PT Foundation. This was my first time working in an NGO, as I was working in a corporate line before joining PT Foundation.

On my first day at work, I was given a short briefing by Raymond (who was the Acting Executive Director at the time) for PT Foundation. Raymond introduced himself, and I said, "Nice to meet you sir." and the first thing he told me was, "Please don't call me Sir or boss, just call me Raymond." I was so inspired and shocked, because throughout my working life in corporate, I was so used to addressing my bosses as Sir or boss or MR.XXX. 

The PT Family

I always look down on myself because of my appearance, and at the same time, how people look down at me, thinking that I can't excel due to my personality. I never used to smile at people because I keep thinking that they are looking at me with scrutiny, there was always a feeling that people just don't like the way I am. But after joining PT, I finally feel like I am being myself, being SIVALILA BALAKRISHNAN.

Celebrating my birthday at PT Foundation

 I joined the volunteer team with Jeremy and that was first time I ever challenged myself to face people and talk to people. I got positive feedback. Ever since then, I began to smile and easily mingle with people that easily. My friends and family were shocked to see my changes and they were so happy to see me happy and smiling always.

The IHP team

I would like to thank PT Foundation for accepting me and giving me the chance to work closer with the community. Its not the end of my journey here, I will still volunteer and will always extend great support to PT Foundation.

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